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Final Fantasy Versus XIII Background

FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII for PlayStation 3 system
Harmony is realized in this alternate tale of FINAL FANTASY XIII

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. - William Shakespeare

An isolated nation protected by an ancient line of kings.
A modern civilization alive with
the Crystal's songs of swords and sorcery.
A lone kingdom fighting to forestall
the outer world from imposing its heretic order.
The struggle for the final Crystal is
merely a prologue to the chronicles of a new era.

Not a merely a sequel, but a wholly independent story unfolding in a different world with different characters. This title will appear alongside FINAL FANTASY XIII on the PlayStation 3 system.

When coupled with FINAL FANTASY XIII, FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII completes the core of the FABULA NOVA CRYSTALLIS Project.

There has been no official name given to the world of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, nor has there been any official name given to the city in which the trailer takes place. However, this city has been nick named the "Dark City" from it's dark, gloomy appearance. Final Fantasy Versus XIII is set in an environment more closely resembling our modern day world. The city in the trailers we have seen so far have actually been designed based on modern day cities in Japan. This world is caught in a Cold War between two great nations with our un-named protagonist on one side. He is the last remaining member of a royal family which controls the last crystal in existance and an opposing nation are attacking him in massive numbers to obtain it.

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CLOUD Message Final Fantasy XIII, Versus & Agito Full Scans

Final Fantasy XIII, Versus & Agito Full Scans

Final Fantasy XIII - New Final Fantasy XIII and Versus Trailers
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